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ECF 2013 - Welcome
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The Cytoskeleton in Tissue Repair and Diseases

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Fribourg, Switzerland
September 1 - 5, 2013
Cap’Ciné & University of Fribourg

Fribourg is the capital of the Swiss Canton of Fribourg and the district of Sarine.

It is located on both sides of the river Sarine, on the Swiss plateau, and is an important economic, administrative and educational center on the cultural border between German and French Switzerland.

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The Cytoskeleton in Tissue Repair and Diseases is the upcoming conference in a series of high profile meetings organized by the European Cytoskeletal Forum (ECF). Starting from the first meeting in Nyon, Switzerland, in 1981, we aim to continue this solid tradition of exchanging excellent science and combining it with training of young researchers.

ECF meetings are typically held in charming old towns or at specified sites, in order to facilitate interactions between participants not only during scientific sessions, but also afterwards, for example sharing meals in a friendly atmosphere. In this perspective, Fribourg represents an ideal location.


The meeting topics cover fundamental aspects of an important cellular system that is essential for maintaining health and is deregulated during diseases. Investigating, understanding and communicating important findings in this field will further open avenues for the emerging translational potential of cytoskeletal molecules.

The 28th European Cytoskeletal Forum (ECF2013) will be focused on the recent advances of molecular mechanisms implicated in tissue repair processes and affecting cancer and other diseases events. Closely related to these topics, the fundamental biological processes (e.g. interactions between the extracellular matrix, the cell membrane, the nucleoskeleton with the cytoskeleton, as well as cell migration, intracellular motility and motor proteins) will also be scrutinized.

The conference will be an excellent forum for exchange and discussion of current models and new ideas, and a stimulating opportunity to generate new collaborations. Special emphasis will be given to the participation of young researchers.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Fribourg for an enjoyable and productive meeting.
Rat skeletal muscle
Rat skeletal muscle
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›› Speakers

• Christine Chaponnier, Geneva, Switzerland
• Sandra Citi, Geneva, Switzerland
• Marie-Luce Piallat, Geneva, Switzerland
• Curzio Rüegg, Fribourg, Switzerland
• Bernard Wehrle-Haller, Geneva, Switzerland
• Christophe Ampe - ECF President, Ghent, Belgium

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European Cytoskeleton Forum University of Geneva
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Attendance of this meeting is limited to 150 persons.

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• Deadline for fellowship application: June 10, 2013
• New deadline for registration: July 19, 2013
! Registration is closed !